Tindie Blog | With This Traffic Light Controller, Every Hour is Rush Hour


    I’ve had a fascination with traffic lights since I was young. These days they cause me more stress than anything, but as a kid I was convinced I could predict the exact moment when they would turn green while sitting in the passenger seat of my grandmother’s car. She of course played into the whole thing, as grandmothers do.

    Whether you’re looking to add a traffic light to your interior decor (which my grandfather actually did), set up a race track, or anything in between, with this 3 Channel Traffic Light Controller, you’ll actually know when the light is about to change since the power will be in your hands.

    The board comes fully assembled and accepts standard 120VAC and 240VAC AC line voltage, while providing 500 watts per channel. This allows you to drive non-dimmable LEDs and incandescent traffic lights (as well as all household bulbs!). It also features the latest solid-state relays which result in quiet, effortless switching for long periods of time.

    There are 10+ unique light sequence modes, along with 5+ realistic traffic modes. Even if you’re not using it to control traffic lights, the options here could make for some interesting light shows. As always, let your maker instinct be your guide.


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