NSW fires: Morrison rejects calls for more firefighters as Sydney suffers under bushfire smoke haze – live | Australia news

12.50am GMT00:50 Severe heatwave conditions combined with “grotty” smoke pollution will put stress on vulnerable people in the coming days, authorities have warned. The haze may cause breathing issues for those with heart or lung disease, while Sydneysiders have been encouraged to stay indoors and avoid exercise. NSW Health environmental health director Dr Richard Broome […]

Australia fires: blazes ‘too big to put out’ as 140 bushfires rage in NSW and Queensland | Australia news

Dozens of fires will burn across Australia for weeks, fire authorities say, including a “mega-fire”, already the size of greater Sydney, that is too big to put out. As of Saturday night, more than 100 fires were burning across the state of New South Wales, 18 of which potentially threatened lives and homes. More than […]

Government made ‘brazen, desperate’ attempts to discredit medevac, Labor says – politics live | Australia news

3.54am GMT03:54 Labor’s Terri Butler asks Christian Porter “how on earth” he, as the first law officer of Australia, judged it appropriate to call the NSW police chief, Mick Fuller, about an active investigation involving a cabinet minister’s office. Porter responds: Because the call was totally appropriate. It was precisely what the prime minister undertook […]